25 March

Lord Mayor’s Appeal and the CCCUK Cooperate in Poverty Alleviation Project in China

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Earlier this week the Lord Mayor visited Beijing. The focus of the visit was to expand China-UK cooperation as well as celebrate the success of his recent collaboration with the CCCUK -- the ‘UK-China Charity Initiative’ which was launched by the CCCUK and The Lord Mayor’s Appeal in 2018. 

An important part of the visit was the presentation of a cheque to a poverty alleviation project in China founded by the Initiative which was made from a joint fundraiser celebrating the recent 2019 Chinese New Year.

The Poverty Alleviation Project will support a poverty-stricken school in Shaanxi Province in building a multi-media room for training activities, such as academic reports, video conferences and cultural events to improve teaching quality. The Lord Mayor’s Appeal’s share of funds will be shared between the Appeal’s three partner charities: Place2Be, OnSide Youth Zones and Samaritans.

The project can be seen to be building new platforms for long-term charity cooperation between China and the UK and has opened up new areas of Sino-British economic and trade cooperation. Additionally, the project introduces the concept of charitable giving to Chinese companies.

Whilst the notion of giving charitably is deeply rooted in British history, this is a new chapter of development as China’s economy continues to expand. In 1601, the world's first charitable act was enacted in England. After more than 400 years, more than 190,000 charitable organisations are legally present in the UK, and charity has become an essential part of British corporate and civic culture. The ‘UK-China Charity Initiative’ event held in China is the first of its kind, introducing British charitable resources and experience to Chinese enterprises, and deepening charitable cooperation between China and the UK.

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