27 March

Place2Be’s Wellbeing in Schools Awards rewards special contributors

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Place2Be is one of The Lord Mayor’s Appeal’s three charity partners for the multi-year 2018-2020 Appeal. Place2Be, who’s patron is HRH The Duke of Cambridge, deliver mental health and wellbeing support in schools across the UK and make a remarkable impact on students, teachers and parents.

The evening of Monday 25 March saw ‘The Place2Be Wellbeing in Schools Awards’ awarded to those across the network who are especially passionate, determined and committed to the delivery of mental health and wellbeing support in the schools Place2Be work with across the country. These awards are a wonderful moment for Place2Be and it is humbling and inspiring to recognise the people who are helping children and young people develop the resilience and life skills which will enable them to lead fulfilling, productive adulthoods.

The winner of the Young Champion award, Naomi, noticed that lots of children in her school had little or no English. She helped these children to settle in to school and completed an interpreter course so that she could support them with language skills, even attending parent meetings too.  On winning the award Naomi said: “Thanks to my parents for growing me up”.

Place2Be and Lord Mayor’s Appeal trustee Alderman William Russell presented the award for Champion Head Teacher which was won by Rachel Mahon of St. Mary and St. Michael Catholic Primary School. What makes Rachel exceptional is her compassionate understanding of the challenges her community faces (42% of families live in poverty and 275 children are on child protection plans) and how this informs her leadership. Last year Rachel successfully trialled a new parenting programme in school to help vulnerable parents and carers develop a healthy family life. “Mrs Mahon has been a huge support to me and my kids” says one parent. “A few years ago we were made homeless and placed in a hostel far from school. She would bring us into her office and give us breakfast.”

The Appeal would like to congratulate Place2Be and all of the award winners on a successful night and reiterate our commitment to the work that Place2Be do and nationwide impact they are able to make.

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