23 July

Katherine Martin completes Samarathon from bedroom!

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Led by The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor of the City of London Alderman William Russell and Lady Mayoress Hilary Russell, The Lord Mayor's Appeal #Samarathon team have signed up to walk 26.2 miles over July and fundraise for charity partners Samaritans. 

The Samarathon has been an incredible way to bring people together during these uncertain times and walking has been a great source of relief for many during lockdown. Katherine Martin, kindly shared her lockdown Samarathon story with us, where she soldiered on doing her 26.2 miles, despite being confined to a hotel room!

‘The situation, at the moment, to return into Singapore is that you have to do two weeks quarantine in a hotel room organised by the authorities. You are not able to leave your room until the 11th day when you go to get a swab test and then you return to your room.

I’m coming to the end of my stay- my COVID test was negative so all is well.

I knew about the Samarathon and wondered if I could raise awareness and fundraise during my two weeks.

It is 9 paces from the door to the window, so each day I walked back and forth for a good hour, so about 5,700 steps, around 2 miles. Some days I walked for longer. I listened to music, podcasts, radio and really enjoyed my walks! So today, day 13, I passed the 26.2 miles mark!

I will continue walking for the Samarathon for the rest of July.

I’ve always thought Samaritans is such a helpful, supportive Charity I was very happy to help in a little way. ‘

We are extremely grateful to Katherine for her inspirational determination during quarantine, many thanks to our team members, our donors and all of our other supporters for their Samarathon fundraising efforts! 

You can still donate to Katherine's page here.

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