8 October

World Mental Health Day: AQA's This is Me Campaign

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AQA ran its first This is Me campaign in 2019 where seven colleagues shared their experiences of either living with a mental health condition or caring for someone with a mental health condition. 

As one of the organisers of the campaign said, "for me the best part was seeing colleagues come together for the launch in our two main offices, one of which was at standing room only. We received an enormous amount of positive feedback from colleagues and it generated lots of great conversations about mental health. It also inspired colleagues to volunteer to become Mental Health First Aiders or sign up to help the wellbeing movement in other ways.

The campaign has contributed to helping AQA move our culture towards becoming an even more caring and mentally healthy place to be. During a recent business wide survey, Wellbeing appeared as the number one positive cultural attribute of AQA which is something we’re very proud of. 

We’ve already had volunteers sign up to the next round of This is Me but due to Covid-19 we have decided to pause the campaign until 2021. 

If you’re thinking of taking part in the campaign, I strongly encourage you to contact either The Lord Mayors Appeal or if you’re a business in the North West of England, drop the This is Me North West Steering Group a message on LinkedIn, we’d be delighted to help!" 

You can watch AQA's This is Me video below.

We're grateful to AQA for sharing their experience of creating a This is Me film and the resulting impact that it has had on the culture around wellbeing within their organisation. World Mental Health Day 2020 is an opportune time to be thinking about things that you can do to support your employees and colleagues, such as sharing stories. To get involved in This is Me, you can register here.  

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