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According to research by Friends Life, 4 in 10 UK employees have experienced stress, anxiety, or depression and not told their employer in confusion about how to confront the issue at work, or for fear of reprisal and the assumptions that their colleagues might make. In fact, we know that 78% of employers think staff are willing to disclose mental health problems, but only 4% with depression said they actually would which is what makes World Mental Health Day so important.


When we consider the fact that 20% of people think that their job or work-life balance has the biggest effect on their mental wellbeing, it is imperative that we collaborate to build inclusive workplace cultures, reduce stigma to dispel myths and improve employee wellbeing for good. This is the impetus for our This is Me – in the City campaign which is committed to changing attitudes towards mental health in the City through storytelling. To see some of these stories, watch our YouTube playlist here.


With over 250 organisations registered, and 64 actively sharing stories of their experiences with mental illness, be it personally or supporting a loved one, This is Me – in the City intends to open conversations across sector to ultimately make the City a safer and healthier place to work, and is now reaching nearly 900,000 employees. In fact, a global participating law firm quoted “of all the many diversity campaigns we have run, this has had the most impact. It was extremely moving”, and “over 11,000 colleagues at Deutsche Bank alone have viewed the videos and hundreds of comments have been posted to voice support and encouragement.”  After all Michael Cole-Fontayn, Vice-President of BNY Mellon said “we employ people for their minds so we must look after their minds.” If you have not yet registered, you can do so here to receive a full ‘How-To’ guide.


As part of This is Me – in the City, the Green Ribbon campaign, launched for Mental Health Awareness Week back in May 2017, aims to create a visible movement of support by showing those experiencing mental health issues that they are not alone. This year, 85,000 ribbons were distributed and some can be seen around the City today but we hope to see more in next year. To show your support, order Green Ribbons for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 (8 – 14 May) here now!


Together we can #endthestigma.